Rez Rescue Fosters August 19-20

On August 20th, we accompanied Nuzzles and Co. on a rescue mission to the Ute and Navajo reservations.  We welcomed 54 new dogs, cats, kittens and puppies to the Nuzzles Family! Special thank you to the Cortez and Towaoc shelters for all the incredible work they do. We will be fostering these six adorable puppies until they are medically cleared and old enough to go to forever homes:)


Meet The Squad


Male; pre-adopted


Famale; pre-adopted


Female; pre-adopted


Female; OURS!!


Famale; pre-adopted


Male; pre-adopted


Our Rez Rescue Fosters

In late April, we joined our friends from Nuzzles and Co. and Mark Miller Subaru to travel to the Ute Reservation near Cortez, Colorado. A few caring local volunteers house and care for rescue animals until Nuzzles can make the trip to transport them back to the Rescue Ranch in Peoa, Utah. There, they receive medical care and tons of love until they can be placed in forever homes. We fostered an orphaned litter of six from this rescue.


 All six puppies are healthy and happy and have been adopted into forever homes:) 




Adopted by Bryant Family



Adopted by Blatt Family


Adopted by Bryant Family

Our Fosters

Meet Potato

Potato is our first foster, here with his mum Summer. Summer was rescued with a litter of 4 and unfortunately Potato was the only pup to survive. Potato was adopted May 10, 2019.

Meet Summer

Summer is Potato's mom. She was adopted late April 2019.

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