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2019 Animal Rescue


Nuzzles & Co., with the generous support of their partner Mark Miller Subaru, embarked on their 3rd Annual Pet Rescue Mission to save some of the 250,000 homeless animals living on the Ute Reservation.  104 lives were saved thanks to the incredible staff and volunteers. 


The poverty rate on the Ute Reservation is 43%, which is 181% higher than the national average. When families struggle to provide adequate resources for their families and children, it is even harder to provide them for their pets.


There is only one animal shelter servicing the Ute Reservation, which operates out of two small side-by-side trailers.


Nuzzles & Co has partnered and built relationships with shelters, other rescue groups, and volunteers that live on and around the reservation to save the lives of animals in need. They do not pick up stray animals from the reservation without going through the proper channels.


All rescued animals were either transported back to Nuzzles & Co by a caravan of Subaru’s, or flown back by Mark Miller, piloting a Pilatus Aircraft.


At the Rescue Ranch, all animals will receive the medical care that they require to be healthy and ready to find their forever homes.


The Nuzzles & Co Rescue Ranch (a cage free facility for pets to roam freely) is a 16,000 square foot home for rescued pets, holding up to 40 dogs and 85 cats at any given time. The ranch includes a full veterinary suite, dog kennels, outdoor doggie play areas, a sunny room for the kitties, staff offices, and quarantine/recovery areas for animals who need the extra TLC.

View an Inspirational Video of Nuzzle's Rez Rescue

Rez Rescue 2019
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